Our Story

Opened in 2014, in the creative Los Angeles neighborhood of Silver Lake, Bowery Bungalow’s cuisine draws inspiration from George Abou-Daoud’s mother’s and grandmother’s food -- utilizing centuries old flavors and preparation techniques —— but veering far from the conventional.

It is the first of this concept to enter into the culinary playground of Los Angeles. Its creative menu revolves around farm-to-table modern Mideast cuisine focused on the rich traditional flavors of the region and its environs.

Our menu pays modern homage & celebrates some of the world’s most ancient flavors - those of the Mideast, North Africa, Anatolia & environs of the Mediterranean. This ranges from the Levant, Phoenicia, Assyria, Babylonia, Amazigh, Anatolia, Egypt to Canaan, Mesopotamia and more--- today Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, Southern Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Crete, Palestine, Israel & Jordan. Many of the flavors of this region were popularized over the course of time via the Silk Road & the abundant trading of spices & goods.